Afriflora Sher is present again at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2018

Afriflora Sher is present again at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2018

This year, Afriflora Sher is present again at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2018. The Trade Fair is a yearly international floriculture event with the widest and deepest product range. The Trade Fair will take place on 7, 8 and 9 November.

As the largest rose farm in the world, Afriflora is present at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer in The Netherlands. The theme of the Trade Fair of this year is: Connect to Global Growth. Thanks to digital development, trade is moving more and more internationally. The program of the Trade Fair pays attention to new trade routes and bridging differences in culture between new trading partners. The international floriculture comes together during the Trade Fair to network, share knowledge and inspire each other.

Sustainability is the benchmark

During the Trade Fair the focus will be on sustainability. Within the floriculture industry there are many developments worldwide in the field of sustainable production and trade. Sustainability has been the benchmark ever since Afriflora was founded.

The traded roses from Afriflora Sher are produced at the Afriflora farm where many types of roses are grown under natural conditions. Afriflora Sher tries to contribute to the health of the people and the environment in various ways. One way in which they do this is by using biological pest control. At this point Afriflora Sher is one of the leaders in the rose industry.

In addition, Afriflora recycles or reuses almost all of the products. If Afriflora Sher no longer uses specific material, they verify if it is useful elsewhere in the economy. This way Afriflora Sher contributes to sustainability in the region. You can find more information about the contribution Afriflora Sher makes to the environment here.

Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2018

The Afriflora Sher roses can be found at the Trade Fair. These days, you can also get more information about the sustainable business management of Afriflora Sher. The Trade Fair program will soon be announced through

The Trade Fair takes place at the auction location in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. The Trade Fair is open on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 November between 9am and 5pm and on Friday 9 november between 9am and 3pm.

For more information about Afriflora Sher or the Trade Fair you can click here.

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