Sher Ethiopia is located in Ziway, next to Lake Ziway and around 160 km to the south of the capital, Addis Ababa. Ziway has developed into a hub for the production of flowers, vegetables and wine. The city is growing rapidly thanks to these companies.


Construction work at the Sher Ethiopia greenhouse complex started in 2005. A year later on 1 July 2006, when the first greenhouses were fully operational, the project was officially opened by the Ethiopian minister of Trade and Industry. Employment opportunities in Ziway were almost non-existent before the farm was built, which now employs over 11,000 local people. Things will be different for the children of employees because not all of them will be able to work in the rose cultivation industry. However, by offering them good education, an investment has been made in their future. In 2006, day-care facilities were set up and a primary school for 200 children was established. At this moment in time, 6,000 children at attending school. The most profitable investments are those made in reading, writing and calculation skills. The company decided to invest in something that lasts a lifetime, thus doing its bit for the community where it grows its roses.

Foundation, Foundation


The Sher Foundation was established in December 2012. The foundation aims to serve social interests and is not aimed at profit-making. The foundation’s objectives are as follows:

a. To help people and organisations that require assistance, particularly in the region around Ziway (Ethiopia.)
b. To set up development projects to prevent situations that cause organisations and people, particularly in the area around Ziway (Ethiopia), to ask for aid
c. To improve awareness about people’s ability to play a role in this, and to do everything that accompanies or improves this goal.



At this moment in time, the foundation’s activities are limited to youngsters between the age of 14 and 18, in Ziway and the surrounding region.

The foundation wants to help these youngsters by offering them further education. These activities will help them to find work and make a living, and build further on the activities described above.


During the period 2013 – 2017, the plan is to build a school for general advanced and technical education. In each year of this period, a block of 8 classrooms and accompanying practical areas will be built. Eventually, 35 classrooms and 5 practical areas will have been built and furbished. This will include a library and a laboratory.

Each year, enough classrooms and practical areas will be built to start teaching a new year-group of pupils. This method was also adopted when the primary education system was established. In order to build and furbish the classrooms and practical areas, at least €100,000 will be needed each year. Total construction costs will amount to €428,623.
With this in mind, the foundation is looking to friends, acquaintances and other people and institutions who are prepared to support the initiative. The plan is also being supported by the Ethiopian government, which has donated the ground where the school is being built. The industrial sector has provided guarantees that all salaries will be paid.

The first initiative has been a major success and we would like to thank our friends and acquaintances for their efforts. The Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese) foundation will also be subsidising the new project.

Foundation, Foundation


Wilde Ganzen regards itself as the leading expert for projects in developing countries. The foundation has been active for 55 years and has successfully completed over 10,500 projects. Wilde Ganzen allows organisations like the Sher Foundation Stichting to personally execute projects aimed at eradicating poverty. To achieve this, Wilde Ganzen subsidies such initiatives and also provides knowledge and support. (also visit


The Sher Foundation does not accept project applications from individual people or institutions, and only carries out its own projects.


Our foundation has been cooperating with local people for many years because they know what is needed in their country. They have helped to develop these plans and help to carry them out with great vigour. However, we always need assistance. The Sher Foundation is supported by our friends and acquaintances. They offer youngsters in Ziway the opportunity to receive good education and thus improve their chances of finding work and earning a good living. And this is something we greatly appreciate. You can follow in their footsteps as a private individual, company or foundation. You can transfer your donation to the Rabobank account of the Sher Foundation Stichting (see general details), accompanied by the reference: “Ziway Tech School”. The foundation has an ANBI status, which means your donation is tax-deductible.

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