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Afriflora Sher news, Afriflora Sher news

Mother’s Day rose from Africa – May 11, 2018

Recently the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” published an article about the flowers on Mother’s Day. The roses are no longer from the Netherlands, but from Africa. This includes the roses grown by Afriflora Sher.

The CEO and CFO from Afriflora Sher both describe the rose breeding and transport to the Netherlands in this article.

Read the full item here (Dutch article).


Afriflora Sher news, Afriflora Sher news

IDH The sustainable trade initiative

“Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia”

Afriflora Sher has been sponsoring a reforestration project together with IDH for some time now. In this article (English) there is more about this project.

Explanation of the article:

– Afriflora Sher is Partner with IDH in projects for reforestration and good agricultural practices for smallholders (local farmers);

– It concerns a project for replanting in Ilka Chelemo, part of total 212ha replanting;

– Afriflora Sher makes financial contributions and contributions-in-kind by sharing its expertise on ecological farm practices (water, IPM) with local smallholder farmers;

– The picture shows a new tree that has been planted as part of the project.

Afriflora Sher - nieuwe boom IDH project



Afriflora Sher in het nieuws - one world

Oneworld – 14 February 2018

“Where are the fair supermarket roses?”

Oneworld published an article on wages in the flower sector in Kenya and Ethiopia. In this article Afriflora Sher explains her vision on low wages and other misunderstandings about the East African flower sector. Afriflora Sher works together with Hivos and joins The Living Wage Lab to provide her employees with a living wage.

For the full item, click here (Dutch article).

Afriflora Sher news, Afriflora Sher news – 12 February 2018

“Bouquet of floods: the ecological impact of your Valentine roses” shared an article about the impact of the African roses on long term. Afrifora Sher shares her vision in this article that her long-term efforts will not negatively affect the regions where she works.

In the article, the rose farm also explains how it deals with water.

For the full item, click here (Dutch article).

Afriflora Sher news, Afriflora Sher news

Financieel dagblad – 1 January 2018

“The world’s largest rose farm has once again a large investor on board”

Afriflora, the world’s largest rose farm with Dutch shareholders, will get a new major shareholder. And again it is an international investment company.

For the full item, click here (Dutch article).

Afriflora in het nieuws - Edeka

Edeka – October 2017

“Afriflora Sher, the rose farm with social and environmental engagement

Recently, a nice article about Afriflora Sher appeared on the website of Edeka. Edeka is the largest network of supermarkets in Germany.

Edeka does independent research into fair trade products which are taken by supermarkets within the Edeka group. Various themes are examined and exposed, as is Afriflora Sher as a company and for her roses. With a positive result!

For the full item, click here (German article).


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