Water management to the region

Afriflora Sher is aware that water is crucial, especially in a country like Ethiopia. Therefore, a rose farm in this country has the challenge to work highly efficient with water. And to ensure it does not disadvantage the population. Because of the relatively “wet” climate, Ziway was the right place for Afriflora Sher.

In this region it often rains and there is no water shortage

Afriflora Sher feels responsible for the environment in the region. This shows in projects like the one Afriflora Sher started with partner IDH. It is a project to prevent erosion. Together with other partners they want to plant trees in an area close to lake Ziway to prevent fertile soil to wash away during heavy rain. Without the trees the rain would wash away precious agricultural land.The climate is changing, bringing more and more extreme weather conditions. Planting the trees will prevent erosion. Afriflora Sher focuses on solving this problem.

Innovative water management by Wetlands

Afriflora Sher uses a unique water system. Specially developed to reuse water. This way the company spares water. These so called Wetlands are designed by WUR (Wageningen and Research). Wetlands purify contaminated water which will be reused to give water to the roses. The wetlands are maintained by employees.

Water purification

Afriflora Sher ensures that all the used water is gathered: drainage water, residual water from spray lines, buckets, wrappers, toilets etc. Halfway through the greenhouses there are filters that are part of a natural system. These filters are filled with carbon where different reed plants grow on. Reed is a natural filter. These plants come from the local environment.

The roots of these plants purify the water. The last check is when the water gets pumped to a bin with fish. The fact that the fish stay alive proves that the water is clean. Then the water flows back into the canal, where it is used again to water the roses. This closed system of Afriflora Sher ensures that wastewater doesn’t flow back into the area. This way the company takes great care of a good environment.

Water management, Water   Water management, Water

Water management, Water

Water management, Water

Minimal water use because of drip irrigation

Near to Ziway there is a place called Adami Tulu. Here you find the newest greenhouses of Afriflora Sher. The drip line, which is used to water the roses with minimal water usage, is a rubber hose lying along the roses, with little holes in it. With little drops the roses get watered; drip irrigation. This way the company uses water efficiently.

By using the water very efficiently and reuse it,
the water use is reduced to a minimum

Most traditional rose farms use flood irrigation. This technique uses and waste a lot water.

The difference in water use between traditional farmers and Afriflora Sher is difficult to say. The usage of others is not public. To determine this the roses should be compared to each other.

Afriflora Sher’s water management is an example for other farms
With her closed system and wetlands for water purification is Afriflora Sher an example for other rose farms in the region of Ziway. While sharing knowledge, Afriflora Sher advances the whole region.

Water management, Water

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