Modern hospital 

Until 2007, there was not a single hospital within a 120-km radius of Ziway. That’s when Afriflora Sher arrived and built a modern hospital. From the very beginning, the employees of Afriflora Sher have had access to free healthcare. Other people in the region are asked to pay small fees that are in keeping with their income.

This means proper medical care is available for the whole community

Around 400 patients visit the hospital on an average day. The emergency ward mainly treats people who have been injured in traffic accidents.

There are now two hospitals in the immediate surroundings, after a government hospital also opened just 1 km from Ziway. Both hospitals work closely with one another. The Afriflora Sher hospital features several essential medical devices and has an ambulance for transporting patients.

Digital hospital

Administration activities for patient data have been fully automated, which means the privacy of patients can be fully respected.

Well trained personnel

The hospital employs qualified (and medically trained) staff. All doctors are qualified in their specific area of expertise. The hospital employs around 115 people in the meantime and has access to 140 beds.

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Doctors, nurses and care staff possess the medical instruments needed to provide effective care to patients.

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In the triage ward, a doctor examines patients and makes a preliminary diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis, patients are then directed to other wards in the hospital. The hospital is a popular employer in the region and has established an excellent reputation in Ethiopia thanks to its dedicated staff.


Hygiene in the hospital is important for the health of patients as well as hospital personnel. Certainly in a country like Ethiopia where hygiene can sometimes be a real challenge. That is why using gloves, disinfectants and sterile equipment has become the norm. The staff wears special uniforms for recognisability and hygiene purposes. The hospital is cleaned every day by a dedicated group of cleaners.

The hospital possesses:

  • a triage ward that is open 24 hours a day
  • an ambulance
  • 140 beds
  • a large and a small operating room
  • modern x-ray equipment
  • a modern laboratory for testing and taking samples
  • a pharmacy
  • a maternity/gynaecology ward
  • incubators
  • a dental practice
  • a library
  • physiotherapy
  • an IT room with a database
  • digital patient registration and dossiers
  • information about family planning and birth control possibilities, which helps to limit the birth rate. This ward is also responsible for vaccinating children. These vaccinations are supplied by the government.
  • a VCT ward (Voluntary Counselling and Testing). The VCT ward is an information point for early prevention, care and support in relation to HIV-AIDS. This ward provides professional assistance to people before and after their HIV tests. People are also taught how to prevent infection. mnmnmnmn
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Patients that test positive for HIV are taught how to live a healthier life, so they can extend their life expectancy. Some Aids patients have been coming to the ward for 10 years and can effectively manage their disease thanks to the treatment they receive.

This has a massive impact. The infection rate has dropped from 7% to 1%

The impact of the Afriflora Sher hospital

The hospital’s impact on the region is clearly reflected in factors that help to improve the welfare and well-being of local residents, such as lower child mortality, fewer HIV infections and improved family planning.

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