About us

In Afriflora Sher possesses the largest rose farm in the world. The farm is located next to Lake Ziway, at a height of 1650 meter above sea level and approximately 3 hours’ drive from the capital, Addis Ababa. Besides the farm in Ziway, “Sher roses” are also cultivated at 2 other locations: Koka farm, which is an hour’s drive from Ziway, and a farm in the village of Adami Tulu, which is a stone’s throw from Ziway.

Afriflora Sher has a total surface area of the greenhouse complex around 650 hectares, which is the equivalent of 1,300 football pitches. The farm grows over 65 different types of roses; large and small-flowering roses and floribunda roses in many different colours.Cutting, planting, harvesting, processing and transport – all activities are carried out by local employees.

Processing halls, which connect to 38 greenhouses, have been constructed so roses can be quickly processed. In total, around 3 to 4 million roses are processed every day. Roses are processed into ready-to-use bouquets, based on the customer’s preferences, so they can be quickly sold in the Netherlands and so costs can be reduced for customers.

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