Largest rose farm in the world with
>450 hectares of production area.

2005: Ziway population: ca. 60k

Now: Ziway population: ca.140k

Sustainability: Afriflora Sher offers employment opportunities to the local community. By
expanding its rose farm and offering important services,
which include schools, sports facilities and a hospital, the
company has significantly improved local living conditions and development


Afriflora Sher builds and opens Sher School. It also opens a hospital so employees and the local population can receive proper medical care. Afriflora Sher brings development, education and healthcare to Ziway. People are attracted to Ziway for work.


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Afriflora Sher fills 110 hectares of greenhouse space with its own roses. In addition, it constructs roads and builds a football stadium.

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2005 – 2013

Afriflora Sher further expands the Ziway rose farm to 268 hectares.

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2011 – Now

Collaboration with Koppert Biological Systems. Since this partnership, use of chemical products has decreased by approximately 63%. Afriflora Sher is the first rose farm in the world to introduce biological pesticides.

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Using Wetlands; these Wetlands purify contaminated water which will be reused to give water to the roses. Afriflora Sher ensures that all the used water is gathered. Afriflora Sher brings water management to the region.

Completes expansion of Blen farm to 24 net hectares; KKR invest in Afriflora Sher

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2014 – Now

Afriflora Sher buys 200 hectares of land in Adami Tulu in order to expand acreage.

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Timeline 2019

New school opened in Adami Tulu for 110 infants.

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A milestone is reached; 1 billion roses produced each year.

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Afriflora Sher offers expertise and investment to support the construction of a church for the local community.

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Timeline 2018

Afriflora sold to Sun Capital.

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Afriflora Sher builds 250 hectares of greenhouses in Ziway. These greenhouses are (partly) leased to various businesses. Ziway was only a small village.

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