Largest and most profitable supplier of roses in the world with a total of >450 net hectares of production.

2005 Ziway Population: c.60k

Today’s Ziway Population: c.140k

Sustainably provided employment and infrastructure for the local community through
farm expansions and provision of important services including schools, a sports facility and
a hospital, substantially enhancing local living conditions and life opportunities



New school in Adami Tulu opened

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Afriflora sold to Sun Capital. Secondary buy out with strategic regionale (Flamingo Horticulture)

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IFC invests in Afriflora Sher to support growth plan; milestone of reaching 1b annual rose production.

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2014 – Now

Purchases 165 net hectares of land in Adami Tulu to expand greenhouse footprint; currently, 152 net hectares of greenhouses are installed.

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Using Wetlands; these Wetlands purify contaminated water which will be reused to give water to the roses. Afriflora Sher ensures that all the used water is gathered. Afriflora Sher brings water management to the region.

Completes expansion of Blen farm to 24 net hectares; KKR invest in Afriflora Sher

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2012 – Afriflora Sher supports building a church for the local community, with her expertise and investment.

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2011 – Now

Collaboration with Koppert Biological Systems. Since the collaboration with Koppert, the use of chemical pesticides has decreased about 63%. As first farm in the world Afriflora Sher brings biological natural crop protection.

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2005 – 2013

Afriflora Sher continues to expand the Ziway farm to 268 net hectares.

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Afriflora Sher fills 110 net hectares of Ziway greenhouses with its own roses. She constructs and builds an athletic stadium.

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Afriflora Sher builds and opens Sher School; She establishes the Sher Hospital, a full service medical facility for employees and the local community. Afriflora Sher brings development, education and health care to Ziway. The community moves to Ziway for work.

Afriflora Sher organizes the first Sher day.  Every year, the Sher Day is celebrated in November. All departments get a budget to organize the party. The party consists of singing, dance, music, sports, theater etc.

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Afriflora Sher started to build 250 net hectares of turn-key greenhouses in Ziway. Those are leased to various entrepreneurs. There were no houses, buildings and stores at the time. There was even not a local community yet.

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