Sher High School

The first group of children completed primary school in 2014. They then progressed to the Afriflora Sher High school. This school has 1500 students and 50 classrooms, 5 workshops, a laboratory and a library. Students at the secondary school are aged between 14 and 18, although some students can be 20 years old when they finish because they started later than the rest.

Secundary education

Secondary education involves teaching children about technical subjects, in addition to general subjects that were taught in primary school. For instance, they are taught IT and learn skills that will help them with their future studies. This improves their chances of finding work and an income, and thus a better future.

The 10th grade is followed by a university preparation class. The best pupils are allowed to attend this class


Afriflora Sher possesses a large library where many children do their homework. For instance, it can be difficult to do it at home.

Children are also able to visit the library if the school is not open. A supervisor is present at all times. The library features school, exercise and reading books in 3 languages: Oromo, Amharic and English. Books for children are purchased at local markets or are donated by visitors. Students are entitled to borrow books until the end of the school year, and can take books home with them. This gives students the opportunity to improve their personal development. The secondary school also has a class where assistance is offered for homework assignments.

High school, High school

High school, High schoolHigh school, High school

High school, High school

Afriflora Sher supplies books, magazines and other supplies

Success rate

99% of students graduate from school. Many then continue their studies in Addis Abeba or at other universities in the area.


Many students hope to help the local population. That is why they want to do jobs that benefit society, such as:

  • Nurse
  • Engineer (roads, bridges, buildings, houses: civil works)
  • Surgeon
  • Doctor
  • Teacher

Children at the school must take a national state examination every year. 80% of students are expected to continue their studies at university. University studies are paid for by the government. This is done by offering loans; once students graduate, they repay the loan or go to work for the government.

Thanks to the high standard of education at its schools, Afriflora Sher allows students to attend universities in large cities and later contribute to the development of their country.

High school, High school

High school, High school

High school, High school

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