Food for thought

Food for thought

The Dutch economy currently accounts for 3% of all international trade. And more than 30% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Netherlands and employment in the country depends on doing business across the border.

Tropical fruit destined for supermarkets across Europe is processed around the city of Barendrecht. One of the largest chocolate factories in the world is in Veghel. The beating heart of global flower trade is in Aalsmeer. And vegetables from all over the world are distributed throughout Europe via Greenport Venlo. What do these have in common? They all benefit from international sustainable trade.

The Dutch strength lies in combining home-grown production with the import, processing and re-export of raw materials and produce from all over the world. The knowledge the Netherlands has about food and food production is unique in the world and of strategic value for sustainable development.

International sustainable trade can only exist if companies join forces with their government. On January 16 , our partner IDH have published a letter together with our Dutch private sector partners to emphasize the importance of global trade in sustainably produced agricultural commodities for the future of the Netherlands and our partners in the producing countries. To make the message of our letter more tangible, it was delivered in the The Hague to present members of parliament with a box containing products from our Dutch partner companies.

To guarantee affordable and quality products, now and also in the future, it is essential that also in the Netherlands the government safeguards continuity and takes the lead. The box offers food for thought on the national importance of international trade chains.



, Food for thought


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